Those who are looking for the next step in their careers have a wider range of opportunities within Poole, this includes:

  • Development of a Local Specialist Teacher role which will precede Specialist Leaders of Education and give practitioners the opportunity to share their expertise with other local practitioners, gaining the experience they will need to apply successfully to be an SLE.

  • Applying to become Specialist Leaders of Education, Local Leaders of Education, National Leaders of Education and National Leaders of Governance through our teaching schools and provide support to others.

  • Nationally accredited leadership programmes, which can be backed up by work placements within Poole, delivered by our local teaching school alliances.

Across partners we provide tailored support for new heads. This includes our New Leaders Programme run by Poole Schools’ Association, which has been so well received it is continuing into its second year and expanding to include recently new heads.  Heads value the networking opportunities and the chance to discuss issues openly with colleagues.